Why do I need a 3-Piece Wheel

Date: 2018-05-14 / views / From: Aully.com

A common question that arises from a customer is ‘why do I need a 3-piece wheel?’ Before that let us know why it is calleda 3-piece forged wheel. It’s simple, three inpidual parts are combined to form one wheel at the end of production process and hence the name.

A strong forged aluminum at the center, a spun aluminum outer barrel and a spun aluminum inner barrel are the three distinct parts that are combined to form a 3-piece strong wheel. The center part is molded out of aluminum block into a form of wheel and the outer barrel or outer lip is bolted into the center and inner part while assembling. The inner barrel size varies accordingly depending on the vehicle.


There are many benefits when you opt for a 3-piece forged wheelsuch as the fitting compatibility, finishing look and highstrength performance. Hence, when you place an order for a wheel for your vehicle, the manufacturer only then starts the production process according to the exact specifications mentioned and other features such as suspension, braking system or any other adjustment is upgraded as per the standards. You get the best performance forged wheels at the end of this process and there is no need of even adding hub centric spacer.


The next advantage of these types of wheels is the finishing looks rendered at the end. As a 3-piece forged wheel is a combination of three distinct parts, finishing can be customized as per the way, the customer expects. Any kind of finishing is done whether it is the lip color or to the two-tone finishing or the designs on the lip or the bolt color or the outer lip or the logo design or its color. Even an option is provided to hide the assembly bolts that give the best finishing looks to your wheel as well as to your vehicle.


So your wheel is ready with the best fitting and looks and now the major feature is the wheel strength. The center part is strong enough made of forged aluminum while the inner and outer parts are eminently strong enough too as they are made of spun aluminum. Forging process processed here is much stronger than casting, which is done for 1-piece wheels. And forged aluminum is always lighter in weight when compared to cast wheels. Lighter the wheels, improves braking and acceleration system of a vehicle rendering dynamic performance on-road irrespective of any imperfections.


You can find many dealers online offering 3-piece wheels that offer customizing options. The website even displays their products gallery, available in different designs and size. And provide easy assessment and installment service to their customers.Just give a call or post your email address to the custom dealer or you can as well drop out at any retail store to check out the product.Go Get a premium road wheel for your vehicle with precision, stylish look, exquisite design and finishing.

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