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Common Questions

  • How Do I Purchase A Set Of Forged Wheels?

    Thank you for your interest in Custom Wheels. Custom wheel sets are custom-built for your vehicle with many personalization options.

    The easiest way to order is to contact us via WhatsApp: +1(860)531-8888, or email us at

    When ordering directly, our sales team will discuss your vehicle and Stark Forged wheel build with you, in depth. Once you have determined your desired wheel model, sizing, finish and any additional options, we will provide you with a formal estimate. Once you have reviewed this estimate and confirmed all details to be correct, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required.

    At this point, we will provide you with 3D visuals showing the concavity and/or lip size your wheels will have at the desired specs with the given brake clearance needed. From there, we will proceed with the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process may vary in time but standard is 3-5 weeks throughout the year. Once your wheels are complete, we will send you a completion photo. Once you confirm this photo, we will charge the remaining 50% balance, proceed with shipping and provide you with a UPS tracking number the following day.

  • I Want To Build A Special Set of Wheels , Is This Possible?

    Yes! CARWHEELS welcomes all the ideas. Send us your design Photos and Fitment Data (Absolutely anything, PCD, Center Bore, Offset, Finishes, and even spoke design can all be altered.), then we will make it come to life.

  • What Makes CAR Wheel Different From Other Forged Wheels?

    This is one of the questions we get asked the most and it's one of the most important; the answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is, "To create the best you must start with the best". What this really means is at every step, we don't cut corners and are continually trying to improve our materials, processes, facility and team to make sure it stays that way. We start with extremely talented people to design and engineer every CARWHEELS from sketch to testing, programming and prototyping.

    From there, only the best materials are used from our forgings, assembly hardware and powder coats. From there our wheels move to a hand washing process that again shows the care and attention to detail needed to produce our finishes. It then moves to our in-house powder coat process which produces astonishing yet durable colors that complement even the most exclusive vehicles in the world. If it's a 3-Piece wheel, there's still more to do. After powder coating, a 3-Piece wheel needs to be assembled, sealed and checked for runout (making sure the wheel is perfectly round).

  • What Materials Are Your Wheels Made of?

    All our wheels are made of heat-treated aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy to provide the best strength to weight ratio. It allows us to create more sophisticated designs while maintaining a higher degree of structural integrity than other wheels.

  • How Long Do CAR Wheels Take To Produce?

    Lead times range based on multiple factors.

    There's an estimated 3 to 5 weeks (monoblock) and 4-6 weeks (2/3 piece wheels) between the moment your order and 3D visual is confirmed till the wheel boxes reach your door.

    In some cases, they may take longer if an unforeseen occurance happens such as an inoperable machine, supplier issues or a sudden increase in orders.

  • Do You Ship Worldwide?

    Yes. We ship globally. By Express Air Freight, Door to Door Service, Normal Sea or Air, etc. .


  • What Is Term And Condition Of Warranty?

    Each wheel that leaves our facility is backed by Lifetime Structure as well as a 1 YEAR Cosmetic Warranty. Our Structural Warranty guarantees a replacement wheel caused by any manufacturing defect under normal and reasonable use with installation by a professional.

    Warranty Terms & Conditions

    LIFETIME structural warranty / 1-YEAR finishing warranty on all our wheels.
    We will respond within 24 hours, with detailed instructions on the processes on how we can resolve your issue to your satisfaction. As all cases are unique, there are no set guidelines on the steps necessary. All matters are handled on a case-to-case basis to determine the cause of the problem encountered.
    Should it be determined that the fault lies with Stark Forged Wheels i.e. your warranty claim is valid, we will replace the faulty wheel at our own cost.


    Warranty does not cover structural problems caused by self-inflicted damage (e.g. accidents, curbing, etc).
    Warranty does not cover structural problems caused by excessive abuse usage (e.g. track racing, etc).
    Warranty does not cover incorrect design unless the wheels's design are different from what was specified in your invoice and pre-approved by you prior to production.
    Warranty does not cover incorrect fitment unless the wheels's specifications are different from what was specified in your invoice. This includes, but is not limited to, diameter size, width, offset, PCD, etc
    Warranty does not cover any defect, mistakes, blemishes or flaw's after customer installing the wheels and driving in days. All defects must be informed when the customer receive the wheels.


    Warranty does not cover finishing problems caused by self-inflicted damage (e.g. accidents, curbing, etc).
    Warranty does not cover finishing problems caused by user neglect or error.Warranty does not cover a 'sroad hazard warranty. This warranty does not extend to damage due to neglect, harsh chemicals, potholes, road debris, or collisions.
    Warranty does not cover any defect, mistakes, blemishes or flaw after customer installing the wheels and driving in days. All defects must be informed when the customer receive the wheels.


    As all your wheels are custom built specifically to your design, and tailored to be fitted only to your vehicle, all orders placed are final. Payments made are non-refundable as you are entering into a non-cancelable agreement with our company. All change requests made to your order in terms of design and specifications need to be submitted prior to our factory's production. All our delivery timelines are an estimation, and not a guarantee. But we will work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations nonetheless.

  • How Is The Order Paid?

    After all the details of the order have been agreed upon, we expect an advance payment of 50% from the clients and immediately start the 3D models drawing after receiving it we send the order to work. The rest of the payment is made after the wheels get done with photos and videos sending to you for reference. Balance will be made before shipping to your destination with tracking number.

  • Do you sell Wheel & Tire Packages?

    No, We sell wheels only at the moment.


  • What Forging Method Do You Use?

    We use machine forging method to provide maximum customization capability and ultimate precision.

  • Do You Perform Safety Testing On Your Wheels?

    Due to the destructive nature of standard testing methods for wheels (and the fact that all of our wheels are different), we utilize FEA (Finite Element Analysis). All of our wheels designs run through rigorous computer simulations and are compliant with TUV, JWL and VIA safety standards.3

  • Why Do Forged Wheels Cost So Much More Than Cast Wheels?

    Forged wheels require much more labour, more expensive (and more) material and feature more specialized designs. The finishes on the wheels are all hand applied by our artisans. However in return you get a far stronger, lighter and stunning looking wheels.