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Custom Forged Wheels - Get Nice Factory Price

Custom Forged Wheels - Get Nice Factory Price

2-Piece forged wheels are custom made to order for each customer. Available in a huge range of styles and finishes. Upgrade your vehicle with Custom Forged Wheels. Lightweight & incredibly durable aluminum wheels crafted through a forging process.

Forged alloy wheel manufacturing is the process of creating high-strength wheels made from aluminum or other lightweight alloy materials by using a forging process. In this process, a solid piece of alloy material is subjected to high heat and pressure, which causes it to take on the shape of a mold or die. The resulting wheel is then machined to final specifications, such as the bolt pattern and center bore, and undergoes finishing processes to enhance its appearance and durability.

Forged alloy wheels offer several advantages over other types of wheels, including increased strength, lighter weight, and better heat dissipation, which can improve vehicle performance and handling. They are also more resistant to damage from impacts and road hazards, making them a popular choice for high-performance and racing vehicles.

The manufacturing process for forged alloy wheels is more complex and expensive than other manufacturing processes, such as casting, but the resulting product is of higher quality and offers better performance.

Car Wheels provides customized forged wheels with elegant designs in personalized fitments. No matter in monoblock / 2-piece / 3-piece, rims from Car Wheels are meant to fulfill the needs for every car owner to build up their auto-fantasy.

Forged Dually wheels are crafted from the highest quality T-6061 American aluminum and available in a whole assortment of designs and finishes.

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Innovative automotive wheel development & design company. The core team consist of professionals in industrial design, production technology management, marketing strategy and management etc., who have more than 15 years of experience in the wheel industry.

Custom Forged Wheels


Every forged wheel is custom made-to-order for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application. This extremely resource-intensive manufacturing process ensures that every order is individually engineered, precision machined, hand finished, and custom powder coated to deliver a perfect vehicle fitment and to fulfill each customer's personal creative vision.

CAD Custom Modeling

Custom Design Process

CAD software to design wheels, Every design will pass through multiple drafts until the look is perfect.

CAD Design Optimization

CAD Design Optimization

Concavity or dish depth is optimized as per client's request. Brake clearance will also be verified.

Custom Wheels Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Before production, the designer will perform computer simulation tests - Finite Element Analysis.

Lightweight Construction

Wheel Manufacturing

CNC machines to manufacture wheels After client confirmed all the drawings, it takes about 30 days to manufacture

Hand Prep Department

Hand Prep Department

he Hand Prep Department is responsible for prepping the wheel for its final surface finish.

Custom Finishing for Car Wheels

Custom Finishing & Delivery

Manufacturing facilities include a wide array of finishing options
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