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Retro Car Spoke Wire Wheels

Retro Car Spoke Wire Wheels<

Spoke Wire Wheels

Over the years, wire wheels have evolved through the incorporation of new technology and superior materials, changing with the times without compromising the classic style.

In the case of wire wheels for classic cars from the 1950s onwards, a distinction is made between wheel type 42 and 52.The wheel type designation refers to the maximum size of outer wheel bearing, in millimetres, which can be used with that hub.

Wire wheels, wire-spoked wheels, tension-spoked wheels, or "suspension" wheels are the crown jewel of rods around the globe. It's one of the greatest relics in the automotive world.

Whatever your needs for whatever car you have there is a good chance we can supply wire wheels or classic alloy wheels to suit at very competitive prices.

Wire Wheels are manufactured to look as close as possible to the original equipment but have numerous technological advances to extend the life and safety features of your wheels.

These wheels are available with/without hubs and other accessories to suit many vehicles including MG, Triumph, Lotus, Jaguar, Healey, TVR, MX5, Aston Martin, Ferrari and many others.


Wire Spoke Wheels

Wire Wheel has several styles and styles of wire wheels. Our knock-off style wire wheels are perfect for lowriders and old-school car enthusiasts. Straight lace and cross lace wire wheels are available in sets and singles.

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