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Lightweight Custom Car Wheels Alloy Forged Fitting Any Car

Lightweight Custom Car Wheel Rims Forged Aluminum Fitting Any Car

"Lightweight Wheels for Cars 2pc Forged" refers to a type of car wheel that is designed to be both lightweight and strong. These wheels are typically made using a forging process, which involves shaping a solid piece of metal (usually aluminum or magnesium) into the desired shape using extreme heat and pressure.

The "2pc" part of Custom Car Wheel Rims the name refers to the fact that the wheel is made in two pieces - a center section and an outer rim. This design allows for more precise sizing and offset options, as well as easier customization of color and finish options.

The benefits of lightweight wheels for cars are primarily related to performance. By reducing the weight of the wheels, the car can accelerate more quickly, brake more effectively, and handle better through corners. Additionally, lighter forged wheels can improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on other components of the vehicle. However, it's important to note that lightweight wheels can also be more expensive than heavier options, and may not be as durable in certain situations (such as rough road conditions).

2-Piece Wheels

custom forged 2-piece wheels consist of two separate components: the barrel (the rim) and the face (center piece and spokes). 2-piece wheels offer more customization and a wide variety of offset and width options.

> Made from either a cast aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum barrel, or a forged aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum barrel.

> This construction allows for the flexibility of custom sizes, widths, backspacing, and finishes.

> These wheels are custom made to order to the exact specifications needed for modified vehicles.

> 2-Piece wheels can be custom finished in almost any color combo desired.

> Perfect for those with extensive suspension and/or body modifications or those that want the largest and/or widest wheel and tire package possible.

> 2-piece wheels have added benefits regarding repairs: unlike 1-piece, the barrel or the face of the wheel can be replaced independently of each other.

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Innovative automotive wheel development & design company. The core team consist of professionals in industrial design, production technology management, marketing strategy and management etc., who have more than 15 years of experience in the wheel industry.

Custom Forged Wheels


Every forged wheel is custom made-to-order for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application. This extremely resource-intensive manufacturing process ensures that every order is individually engineered, precision machined, hand finished, and custom powder coated to deliver a perfect vehicle fitment and to fulfill each customer's personal creative vision.

CAD Custom Modeling

Custom Design Process

CAD software to design wheels, Every design will pass through multiple drafts until the look is perfect.

CAD Design Optimization

CAD Design Optimization

Concavity or dish depth is optimized as per client's request. Brake clearance will also be verified.

Custom Wheels Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Before production, the designer will perform computer simulation tests - Finite Element Analysis.

Lightweight Construction

Wheel Manufacturing

CNC machines to manufacture wheels After client confirmed all the drawings, it takes about 30 days to manufacture

Hand Prep Department

Hand Prep Department

he Hand Prep Department is responsible for prepping the wheel for its final surface finish.

Custom Finishing for Car Wheels

Custom Finishing & Delivery

Manufacturing facilities include a wide array of finishing options
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